I specialize in small business / personal / home web based solutions!!!

I’m a specialist.

I do my best work on Web Server & Email Cyber Security,
membership sites and eCommerce integrations.
Most often that means WooCommerce now but I also work with
eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads applications.

WooCommerce sites
Membership sites

I am a person that has a clear path to getting your work done.
When clients look for someone to work with
to clean up their WooCommerce store they call me.

They said that when it’s that complex you are the guy to talk to.

I am also an awesome strategist.

A Genesis specialist at $4500, and is normally booked out for weeks.
Full Genesis specialist sites start at $2200 and average around $3400.

Persons billing ‘high’ rates are specialists.
No general WordPress developers here.

I am also a generalist and I expect clients to come to talk about $25/$50 hour rates.

Tip 1:  I Specialize so I am THE person to talk to.

Solving business problems

Secondly I solve business problems.
Take an eCommerce site I worked on 2 years back that was totally
screwed up a previous developer.

Sadly it still wasn’t working and the client was stuck.

I solved a business problem in a about a week for them.
The problem was that they couldn’t sell a single product on their site.
Then they could sell products again.

I solved a real business problem.

If you talk to me you’re not just going to get a site built you’re going to get an overall business strategy that’s awesome. I am the person to talk to when you’re trying to figure out how to position yourself in the market.

I will help a business advertise to help them sell them online.
To get my consulting time it’s currently a 3 month to 1 year contract and is specially priced.

I solve the real business problem of bringing in customers with good strategy.

I am not just building you a website on WordPress.

The people you are finding on oDesk and on Craigslist are most often (say 98% of the time) not really trying to solve hard business problems. They’re looking for sites as cheaply as possible. They don’t care about the other work you have done really they just want something done cheap.

They hear they should be online and it’s just a box to tick. It’s not something that they view as strategically important. Since it’s not strategically important to their business they don’t want to spend money on it.

Since it’s not strategically important they aren’t invested in the project.
Expect bad communication and push back on every point.

Tip 2: Solve real business problems don’t just build themes

Since I want great clients who are willing to pay well for my time, I specialize and solve real business problems. I am not just ‘building WordPress themes’  I solve real problems is my business model.small